Subject Re: memo/binary fields
From Ken Mayer [dBVIPS] <>
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:40:48 -0800
Newsgroups dbase.programming

Paul Van House wrote:
> In article <WG1JFSkNGHA.2292@news-server>, says...
>>Paul Van House schrieb:
>>>If I have a table with a couple of "memo" fields,and a "binary" field,
>>>is all the field data stored in the same BLOB there a way to
>>>specify multiple BLOB files for one DBF??
>>If you desperately need it, you can create a link-structure
>>yourself, which basically works like this:
> Too much work.  <G>.  Easier to create a child table for the other
> Have you had problems with multiple memo/Binary fields in the same BLOB
> file.  A post on the other newsgroup indicated it was not a good idea.  
> I've only had very rare problems with memo fields over the years but
> can't recall off hand if I've mixed "binary" and "memo" in the same

I disagree with the folk who claim there's an issue. I haven't heard of
memo (or BLOB) corruption in a long time. I think this used to occur
more in the dBASE/DOS and 16-bit versions. But the 32-bit BDE has not
been giving these issues for some time. That's not to say it never
happens, but it's a lot more rare ...


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