Subject Re: applylocate not working
From Charlie <tm@tc,com> <Charlie <tm@tc,com>>
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2024 01:50:50 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

One more try at understanding what is happening with the xdnl.  This is easy to explain...

In the test code below I have made variables out of the id, category, and grade.  The value I should be finding in the ms60 field is 18.    if you look at the message box below in the code the last item is ms60 which has a value of 18 which is correct.  Found is true.  But the value for ttgrade and t are 161. That amount is the same as record number 1 in the ms60 field of the table.  So if I call the field by its actual name (ms60) it works.  Variables don't work for the field name with locate.  Is there any logical reason for this?  Is there a fix?

use coins
TID = "1950D"
locate for year = tid and category = tcat
   t = '&ttgrade.'
msgbox( ""+found()+"  "+TTGRADE+"  "+t+"   "+ms60 )

Ken Mayer Wrote:

> On 6/7/2024 1:32 PM, Charlie wrote:
> > Hi Ken...  Thanks.  I tried that but it still is not found.  It is almost apply locate has stopped working, although it still works in other programs i've written..
> >
> > I have tried using a xdml function using locate which actually finds the row but i am having problems returning something to the form because the field for grade is selected by the user and there are 11 different fields for grade in the table.  I am not sure how to handle that.  I have tried macros, etc,   And although it seems to find the row, it doesn't seem to remember the row when I try to return it to the form.  It sees row 1 only.
> >
> > This is a mess.  Possibly there is something screwy with my computer.  I hope not.
> >
> It's probably not your computer. Break it down. Do an applyLocate one
> one part. If that works, then try another ... and so on. Work it through
> logically ... one step at a time.
> Ken
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