Subject Re: Insane problem!!
From Charlie <>
Date Thu, 30 May 2024 13:58:37 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

So sorry about this post.  It was an old problem I had and used a band aid to fix it back then.  I had forgotten about it.  Caused problems with the inno.  It was hard to figure out, but I did today.  And no, I wasn't smoking mushrooms!!  :)

Charlie Wrote:

> I have a form that has always worked well inside dbase.  I am now working with inno and iss scrips.  If I try to run this form outside dbase using a .exe file, the form closes after it opens every time.  I even scrapped the original and created a completely blank form, using the same name.  When the form is called from either of 3 different menus, it opens for a second and then just closes.    The name is importcoins.wfm and is for restoring data.  Is it possible that windows is causing this?  I even changed the name with an old addon name and it just closes and doesn't allow you to do anything with it.  
> The form works fine inside dbase.  This really makes no sense to me unless it is a windows security issue?
> I just tried calling it gidget my name and form name.  Unbelievable but it does the exact same thing.  Has anyone ele ever run across something like this?