Subject Insane problem!!
From Charlie <>
Date Wed, 29 May 2024 16:02:43 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

I have a form that has always worked well inside dbase.  I am now working with inno and iss scrips.  If I try to run this form outside dbase using a .exe file, the form closes after it opens every time.  I even scrapped the original and created a completely blank form, using the same name.  When the form is called from either of 3 different menus, it opens for a second and then just closes.    The name is importcoins.wfm and is for restoring data.  Is it possible that windows is causing this?  I even changed the name with an old addon name and it just closes and doesn't allow you to do anything with it.  

The form works fine inside dbase.  This really makes no sense to me unless it is a windows security issue?

I just tried calling it gidget my name and form name.  Unbelievable but it does the exact same thing.  Has anyone ele ever run across something like this?