Subject strip_chars function in a loop
From Charlie <>
Date Wed, 01 May 2024 10:49:04 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hey Mervyn..  I am trying to use your function in a loop on a field called mintage which has large numbers with commas.  It is a character field with numbers.   I am trying to eliminate the commas after successfully appending into a new table.  Everything works fine as far as appending the field, but when I try to loop it this way it just replaces with the same chatacter all the way through.  Here is some code of things I've tried.  The function is the same except I changed the cToStrip = ",".  possibly that is the problem.  Any ideas on this?  Here is my code:  

use csvconv.dbf
        append from collection.dbf for csvt = true
        go top
        //do while not eof()
           //msgbox( ""+ '"'+trim(mintage)+'"' )
      //cStr = '"'+trim(mintage)+'"'
                cStr = mintage
                cNewStr = strip_chars(cStr)
                replace mintage with cNewStr
        //        skip

As you can see I have tried different combinations.  Thanks for any help!