Subject Re:
From Lee Grant <>
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2024 08:42:13 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


So you're saying that hash can't be used more than one time? :)


On 2/22/2024 6:01 AM, Marc VdB wrote:
> Hi Charlie,
>> Hi..  Has anyone used from the duflp?  Is there something
>> wrong with it?  I ask this only because a couple of weeks ago I was
>> looking for something like this and no one mentioned it!  Thanks for
>> any feedback.
> there is a fundamental difference between hashing and encryption! If you
> want to encrypt something, you also want to decrypt it: it is a
> two-way-thing. Hashing on the other side is a one-way algorithm.
> If you have a hash-string, there is no way you can get back the original
> string that was hashed.
> So you can use the hashing to provide some security, you could also use
> it for indexing, because a hash has always the same length, no matter
> the length of the original value (equal length indexes are a good thing)
> (although you could get the same hash for different input values  (a
> veeery rare situation)). But you can't use it for encryption/decryption...
> HTH,
> Marc