Subject Re: bug?
From Lee Grant <>
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2024 04:02:16 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


Okay, I think I got it right this time, but obviously someone else will
have to test it to make sure I didn't short sight my goal, again. :(

I added an else, for when the IsValidChar() was returned a false, and
made that change the Key() variable of "returnValue" to false so it
didn't write anything out. Here's the code I changed, after resetting
the original returnValue to true, on initialization.

             if CLASS::IsValidChar(enteredChar)    // Check if alphanumeric
                // if the text is not selected, insert the character
                // if the text is selected, overwrite the characters
                // corresponding to the selection range with the character
                // entered
                if SelectStartPos == 0 AND SelectEndPos == 0
                   this.enteredPassword = ;
                      stuff(this.enteredPassword, nPosition, 1, enteredChar)
                   this.enteredPassword = ;
                      stuff(this.enteredPassword, SelectStartPos + 1, ;
                      SelectEndPos - SelectStartPos, enteredChar)
                returnValue = asc( this.maskChar ) // Output camouflage
                returnValue = false //This seems to have fixed the problem