Subject Re: Issuue with Template (picture) for an entryfield
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2023 16:24:30 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Aftenoon Heinz,

> for a filter form I want to restrain a date field to certain patterns,
> for example DD.MM.YYYY for a complete date, DD.MM. or YYYY for other needs.
> So I set the entryfield's picture property accordingly ("99.99.9999" for
> a complete date, "99.99." or "9999" respectively). That all works nicely.
> However, for the pattern MM.YYYY (picture "99.9999") dBase replaces the
> dot for the decimal point with a comma the moment some data is entered.
> By 'Trial and Error' I found that this only happens when the picture
> contains just ONE decimal point, like "99.9999". If I use "99.9999." for
> this, it works fine, but I don't find it correct to have a dot after the
> year (the fieldS value would then hold a string like "09.2023." which I
> dislike)

This is probably because the decimal separator in Europe is a comma

For date entry I prefer a custom class or something
similar. It should be there in Duflp.

It is basically for autocomplete of date
eg. User enters 16.09 and presses enter
The date is completed to 16.09.2023 (I use

The entryfield is of character. The date is validated and stored as date. may give you some ideas.