Subject Issuue with Template (picture) for an entryfield
From Heinz Kesting <NoSpam@For.Me>
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2023 10:20:05 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi all,
for a filter form I want to restrain a date field to certain patterns,
for example DD.MM.YYYY for a complete date, DD.MM. or YYYY for other needs.
So I set the entryfield's picture property accordingly ("99.99.9999" for
a complete date, "99.99." or "9999" respectively). That all works nicely.

However, for the pattern MM.YYYY (picture "99.9999") dBase replaces the
dot for the decimal point with a comma the moment some data is entered.
By 'Trial and Error' I found that this only happens when the picture
contains just ONE decimal point, like "99.9999". If I use "99.9999." for
this, it works fine, but I don't find it correct to have a dot after the
year (the fieldS value would then hold a string like "09.2023." which I

Is there a way around this?

Using dBase 2.8, Win10

Thanks for any ideas!
Kind regards, Heinz