Subject Re: dBASE Plus 2.8
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Wed, 17 May 2023 21:08:19 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 5/17/2023 3:35 PM, Dennis wrote:
> This is a shot in the dark and I am desperately hoping a guru can assist me.
> I have a very old custom developed dBASE Plus 2.8 application running on Windows 7.
> The original author passed away 4 years ago and I am trying to get the program running on new computers.  I do not have any source data.  I do some installation files but have some questions (and problems).
> Does the PLUSRUN.exe runtime only installation need a license key? If so, I may be in trouble.  Even though the author had a valid license, I don't have it.
> When the custom .exe file launches it appears to start and I can see the main menu form, however, a dialog box pops up telling me I don't have a license to run the program.
> I have spent hours trying to find out what this program is looking for.  I have tried comparing registries, tables, files, etc.  Used Procmon to monitor processes but just can't figure out what it needs.  I am just thinking that maybe I need to install the runtime with a license or something.
> Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated and thank you for your efforts.

Denis --

IF you don't have source *code* (which is what I assume you mean in the
first paragraph) it's going to be difficult at some point.

However, the runtime is designed so that you shouldn't need a license.
The desktop for dBASE does require a license. With that said, if you
need an activation key you will need to contact customer service @ dBASE
( with as much information as you can that
might help them find the license information (the name of the original
developer, etc.).

I am not sure why your executable doesn't run. That doesn't make sense,
it shouldn't be asking for a license if everything is installed
properly. You may want to, on the machine with custom.exe, download and
run the Runtime installer:

If you need a different language, you will need to go to and scroll down to a
red banner that says "dBASE PLUS Runtimes" and click it if you don't see
anything under it, then click the black text header that says "dBASE
PLUS Runtime Version 2.80" ... the different language installers are there.


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