Subject Re: Form to Form
From Peter <>
Date Sat, 13 May 2023 10:52:46 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

With many thanks to all of you for your input, clarification and suggestions. I look forward to trying things out when back home..

Ken Mayer Wrote:

> On 5/12/2023 12:27 PM, Peter wrote:
> > Peter wrote:
> > I am away without my computer ( a treat to myself).so I can抰 test anything.
> > Some clarification for some your questions:
> > The pat_no field is 5 numbers. That is the field that is ultimately responsible as unique to select any choice, not last _name+first_name, although there is an index of patienttest.dbf that is upper(last_name+first_name) with spaces and trims as has been described many times, appropriately, in your books.
> > Even if user enters last_name into entryfield1 to determine order of grid, I have always wanted to use pat_no as unique field to define how later seeks are used. User has choice of entry as either last_name or pat_no, onLostFocus of entryfield1, index is selected for order in grid. After pushbutton_goto is clicked, I planned to use pat_no as the way to proceed to second form in order to edit.
> > Maybe a bit wordy, but there you have it.
> > I抦 a bit surprised that there isn抰 a best way to get pat_no from firm1 to form2. These 2 forms use the same dbf.
> Actually they're my books, not Mervyn's ... although if he were so
> inclined he could probably write something at least as good as my books. :)
> Anyway, in The dBASE Book, Volume 1 (3rd edition), Chapter 13, there's a
> section on "Communicating Between Forms". I seriously suggest you look
> at that. It covers this in some detail. My earliest suggestion of using
> custom properties of forms works well for me (and I often use it with
> reports as well), and is covered in here.
> Ken
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