Subject WIN 11 Borderless Buttons with Rounded Corners
From Michael <>
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2023 16:45:31 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Guys,

Some time ago someone gave me this code for creating a borderless button and it works nicely. however now becoming outdated and im trying to keep my product relevant in todays styles and designs.

if type("SendMessageA") # "FP"
  extern clong SendMessageA(chandle, cint, cword, clong) user32
                #define TB_MARKBUTTON 0x406
              #define TB_BUTTON_IDENTIFIER 0x10
              #define TB_FALSE 0
              #define TB_TRUE 1
        a = "this.pushbutton1.hWnd"
        c = &a

Now my question is, is there a similar comand to give the buttons a rounded corner so that I can make it look like the new Win 11 styles?

Or can anyone point me to some documentation that can demonstrate the different types that can be created?

Much appreciated.