Subject need on some Sql help
From Dirk <>
Date Wed, 1 Mar 2023 18:27:59 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


when i test with .... where crossvolgnr ="0000000789" i get only the
crossartikelnr i need in the grid,all with the same crossvolgnr whats
ok, but when i use a params i only get 1 crossartikelnr, of course when
their is only ono, you got one, but if more crossartikelnr i also only
get one ?

sql = 'select eigenvolgnr, crossvolgnr, crossleverancierid, segmenten,
crossbrandnr, crossproductnr, crossartikelnr, crossingavedatum from
artikelcross where crossvolgnr =""'
     //  params["test"] = "%"
       requestLive = false

the purpose is: putting a ref in the searchfield and getting all the
crossartikelnr in the grid linked on the crossvolgnr

how it's working:

a main table is populated with an artikelnr

sql = "select volgnr,brandnr,artikelnr from artikels.dbf"

by saving the a secondtable artikel cross get the same ref from the main
table Artikels volgnr is fK for crossvolgnr, afterwards i can populate
the secondtables with more reference

now i want to filter the artiklecross table with only the
crossartikelnnr with the same crossvolgnr

i should pleased getting a some info about,

thank you