Subject Re: Running 2 processes or functions simultaneously
From Michael <>
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2023 03:50:29 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started
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Thanks Akshat,

The only difference i see in the BDE is that I have more open files and that I didnt have a shared memory location.

Thanks for the top tips of possible hiccups. I do have one exclusive file in the main app but its not accessed at all in the syncing app that runs in the background.

At first attempt before I even start reading files it crashed with the error message attached.

Does it make a difference if it runs as administrator or standard user?

Thanks again for your top tips.

My Best,


Akshat Kapoor Wrote:

> Good Morning Michael,
> > That was my first thought, run a seperate .exe in low priority in the background but I never had success running multiple exe\\\'s. They would eventually conflict or crash, if they ran at all. I would always get an insufficient resources to run this executable message. Is there any special settings I need to put in the BDE to be able to run a second exe or special commands within the program to run independantly?
> >
> I do not remember doing any setting specifically.
> Usually independent exe will not conflict if you have prepared them well
> for shared usage. The steps involved are
> 1. Avoid exclusive usage.
> 2. Txt files or tmp dbf files should not have the same name.
> Seasoned programmers will be able to outline more steps.
> The conflicts I encountered were due to above 2 reasons.
> My BDE settings are attached if they can help.
> Try them and if you still get an error then please post a screenshot of
> the error. You will get better solution.
> Regards
> Akshat