Subject Problems with requery() in dbase 12 and dbase 19 (in windows 11)
From Hernan Campos <>
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2023 18:17:20 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Question and help, the Requery() in dbase 12 or Dbase 2019 has some kind of problem that causes it to close the program without giving any kind of warning or message (we use windows 11). We have a simple form, where we consult a list of products, when we search we give the data we want to locate, it works fine but after carrying out several searches, the dbase closes the program completely without giving any notice

The statement we use is

[Select * from ']+[produc_file]+[' where name like "%dataseek%" OR name like "%dataseek" OR name like "dataseek%" ]

then in combination with the "requery()" so that it executes the "CanOpen" again

Can someone give me an idea of what it could be, we get the impression that when using it it destabilizes the application in a very severe way, previously we didn't use this function, we just completely regenerated the object, it was a bit slower but it didn't give you problems, then I read an email in this group, where they recommended to do faster searches, we also noticed that a temporary file called _sqlXXX.dbf is created, is there a way to delete it or that it is generated in a folder where it can be deleted safely, since even though the application is closed, the file is not removed by itself, thanks