Subject Re: pushbutton
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2022 22:40:57 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Evening Mustansir,

> I am little scared for posting this here. In case my observation proves wrong then its ok but I need to put it here. I tested Mervyn Sir program and even before posting my issue i had made samething as selftest. However to portray my problem I simplified my form and attaching here.
> The form has 4 objects. Combobox, Entryfield, Pushbutton and text.
> The combobox is filled with array data (sample data).
> When you run the form, comboxbox gets focus, you can select anydata and press Tab key. It goes to Entryfield, here you need to enter amount (any amount) and then press Tab key again so it moves to pushbutton (here if you click or press space bar then it works fine and displays the contents in text box) . If you press Enter key once nothing happens, On pressing 2nd time it then displays  the contents in text box.
> On otherhand when focus comes to Entryfield and after typing the value you press Enter key  and then move to pushbutton with Tabkey, then pushbutton works on 1st instance.
> Pls bear with me if my observations are proven wrong but it will help to correct myself as to where I am making mistake.

Ran your form and can confirm your observation.

But at the same time tried replicating it in my forms. But all my forms
(3-4) that I tested were working perfectly.

By perfectly I mean when I am tracking the number of key presses and the
keys pressed. During fast data entry mostly I never track number of key
presses but had this been there in my forms I would surely have noticed
it. I often try to observe and improve on the number of keys required to
accomplish a task. And all my forms have pushbuttons. I will try
observing more closely from tomorrow.

I am using app compiled using 12.31 and I AM a keyboard man. Had this
been a general issue I would have noticed it much earlier (when 12.31
was released to be precise).

I discovered the bug related to pushbutton accelerator keys in 11 and it
was resolved in 12.31. This was the only reason I purchased 12.31

Good evening Ken,
I know you do not have access to bugs database but can you pass on this
info to dbase LLC. They did solve a pushbutton accelerator key issue in
12.31 (The bug was there in earlier versions of 12. This I am sure) May
be they will be able to pinpoint the cause to this issue.