Subject Re: unable to execute dos
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Sun, 2 Oct 2022 17:59:59 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started
Attachment(s) run thumbs.jpg

Hi Mervyn & Charlie,

Well, I think your post is aimed fairly and squarely at Charlie's
original problem which is: Why won't "run thumbs" work from within
dBASE on my laptop:

Mine wasn't aimed at that specifically but was trying to find out why
"run thumbs" does already work from cmd.exe on the laptop, which Charlie
says it does.  In my view it should not, unless there is a run.exe or
run.bat actually launching the thumbs program.

Having re-read Charlie's original post he said he was running thumbs
from the Windows command prompt, which I have pictured below..., and
which I took to mean he had opened cmd.exe at that point. My mistake.

So, Thumbs.exe must be available to windows on that laptop, in the same
way that, for example, Notepad.exe is.

Have you tried varying the run command in dBASE to include, for example:
run thumbs
run ("thumbs.exe")
run ("c:\TheFolderThatContainsThumbs\Thumbs.exe")
run (true,"thumbs.exe")
run (true,"D:\TheFolderThatContainsThumbs\Thumbs.exe")


> Charlie isn't trying to physically execute thumbs.exe from a DOS window.
> The RUN command in a dBASE form or program should execute outside of
> dBASE any .exe, .com or .bat file passed to it.