Subject Re: Mixing XDML and OODML Trouble
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2022 21:39:15 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Norman,

The easiest way would be to amend the code by hand by copying and
pasting from an existing entryfield to make a new one.  You'll have to
amend the entryfield name and it's various datalinks, of course.

Give it a whirl, and see what happens.
If it fails just post some code for us to play with.

Mixing XML and OODML within a form is not a good idea.  The form in
OODML encapsulates everything within it including the data queries.
The form in XML uses workareas which, by definition, apply across the
whole dBASE instance.

As it happens I mix XML and OODML all the time in an application.  OODML
in forms that manipulate tables but at the same time XML code in a
tables object hanging off _app that, for example, gets live record
totals on the fly - for display in the OODML form! Works a treat. So
it's not forbidden, you just have to get used to what will work together
and what won't.


> I have a XDML Program that is years old. Originally, I dragged the DBF Table directly onto the Form. In making later revisions I had to instead, drag a Query to the Form. My My Program has worked fine for years, but now I would like to add an additional entryfield. I can add the new entryfield, but it will not accept input, just a bleep sound. The existing datalinks are in the form SAVING->origcost. The added one is Form.Saving1.rowset.fields["origcost"]
> I don't want to have to rework the program in OOMDL !  Is there an easy way to add the entryfield ?
> Thanks for any comment, Norman