Subject Re: unable to execute dos
From Charlie <>
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:58:39 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Andy...  Thanks for your reply.

The subject error message is in the subject of this post.  (unable to execute dos).

[function MENU124_onClick()
      Run thumbs.exe

This is an example of the very simple code that works on other computers.  For some reason it does not work on my laptop in dbase which indicates it is a problem on this computer, not with code that I have written.

It does work in the command prompt in windows if you type in ' run thumbs'.  So I am trying to figure out why it does not work in a menu in dbase or a pushbutton on this specific computer, but does work in the same menu or pushbutton in dbase on other computers?  

I have gone into paths in windows environment and tried to work with that with no positive results.  I am wondering if possibly something in dbase desktop properties could fix this but not sure.

I am just reaching out to see if anyone has run into this before and if they know of a solution.

Hope this gives a clearer picture.

Andy Taylor Wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> You do persist in thinking that we're mind readers :-)
> The crucial bits missing from your question are:
> 1. No code so we can see what command you're using.
> 2. What is the "subject error" message?
> Andy
> > I didn't realize this until now but I can't run apps on dbase using the run command.  This is happening on this computer only.  I get the subject error message.  Works fine on other computers.  Any ideas how to fix this?