Subject Re: dBASE 2019 Command Window Commands
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2022 06:07:04 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Jodell,

If I understand correctly what you want to do is as follows:
Enter commands in the command window and save those that you're happy with to a text file called myNotes.txt.
The easiest way to do this is as follows:

In the command window type "modi comm myNotes.txt" and press enter. Press Enter when the editor window comes up to add an empty line. Close the editor and save the file.

When you're working in the command window and you have a command (or a block of commands) to save, highlight them, right click anywhere on the highlight and copy them to the windows clipboard.
Then using a new line in the command window type "modi comm myNotes.txt" and press enter.
Then move to where you want to save your new command, right click and select paste.
Close the editor and save the file.

You can, of course, also use the keyboard shortcuts to copy (Ctrl & C) and paste (Ctrl & V).
There is another way of making this even easier by using a program which does all the opening and saving new bits automatically but that seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


> Hello,
> I usually copy commands to a dbf file where I save and sort them for later use. But, right now, I am using dBASE 2019 and my dbf notes are in dBASE 11. I just do not have time to reconfigure all that I need to do that. So, I am looking for Commands so that I can:
> 1) send Commands from the Command Window after a simple test, ie;
> use testcopy.dbf <some sort of command to send to a save.txt file here> mynotes.txt
> 2) then if/when I want to add more Commands from Command Window to my same mynotes.txt file, ie;
> append from mastertest.dbf type dbase <send to my save.txt file> mynotes.txt
> I likely can use a .prg but I am not repeating same commands for one project only. Rather, I am testing commands to create my custom code base, updating that and general housekeeping. I had my old notes in the older version of the dUFL folder but not only do I need to transfer that, I also need the latest dUFL version for this year.
> I have no idea how much I need to edit or change to get that all up and working as I am using the dUFL11B that was for the dbASE 11 on my dBASE 2019.
> Thanks again,
> JB