Subject Re: dBASE 2019 Command Window Commands
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2022 21:44:31 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Evening Jodell,

> I usually copy commands to a dbf file where I save and sort them for later use. But, right now, I am using dBASE 2019 and my dbf notes are in dBASE 11. I just do not have time to reconfigure all that I need to do that. So, I am looking for Commands so that I can:
> 1) send Commands from the Command Window after a simple test, ie;
> use testcopy.dbf <some sort of command to send to a save.txt file here> mynotes.txt >
> 2) then if/when I want to add more Commands from Command Window to my same mynotes.txt file, ie;
> append from mastertest.dbf type dbase <send to my save.txt file> mynotes.txt
> I likely can use a .prg but I am not repeating same commands for one project only. Rather, I am testing commands to create my custom code base, updating that and general housekeeping. I had my old notes in the older version of the dUFL folder but not only do I need to transfer that, I also need the latest dUFL version for this year.
> I have no idea how much I need to edit or change to get that all up and working as I am using the dUFL11B that was for the dbASE 11 on my dBASE 2019.

There are not much changes between plus 11 and 2019 (When it comes to
day to day operations like the ones outlined above)

Latest version of dUFLP can be downloaded from Ken's page

The dUFLP:

I will suggest that you extract the files in a folder different from the
duflp folder that you used in 11 so that both the versions work.

The installation instructions will be there on Ken's page.

Then you will have to setup another alias in duflp that points to your
old duflp alias. (You will have to check Ken's books or help file for
exact procedure.)

In 2019 click on the dbf tab in navigator and then on the combobox
displaying list fo BDE alias.

The alias used by you to store dbf in plus 11 may be visible there as
dbase does not reinstall bde.

If not there then you will have to create a alias for this also. And you
would be ready to share data between the two.