Subject dBASE 2019 Command Window Commands
From Jodell Bumatai <>
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2022 10:07:02 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


I usually copy commands to a dbf file where I save and sort them for later use. But, right now, I am using dBASE 2019 and my dbf notes are in dBASE 11. I just do not have time to reconfigure all that I need to do that. So, I am looking for Commands so that I can:

1) send Commands from the Command Window after a simple test, ie;

use testcopy.dbf <some sort of command to send to a save.txt file here> mynotes.txt

2) then if/when I want to add more Commands from Command Window to my same mynotes.txt file, ie;

append from mastertest.dbf type dbase <send to my save.txt file> mynotes.txt

I likely can use a .prg but I am not repeating same commands for one project only. Rather, I am testing commands to create my custom code base, updating that and general housekeeping. I had my old notes in the older version of the dUFL folder but not only do I need to transfer that, I also need the latest dUFL version for this year.

I have no idea how much I need to edit or change to get that all up and working as I am using the dUFL11B that was for the dbASE 11 on my dBASE 2019.

Thanks again,