Subject Re: Whats This
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Fri, 20 May 2022 05:40:52 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 5/20/2022 5:10 AM, Ken Mayer wrote:
> On 5/20/2022 2:46 AM, Bob McKinney wrote:
>> Hi All:  When I open 2019 I get this error. "Error:  Access denied:  
>> C:\Program Files
>> (x86)\dBASE\dBASE2019\dBLClasses\ReportControls\REPORT.Co ".
>>   When I click on "fix" the code shown below appears.  I don't have a
>> clue why or what caused the error.

Adding to my "fix" in previous post, the most probably cause of this is
that you double-clicked on or at some point, which
put it into the .ini file. Either in the Windows File Explorer, or in
dBASE's navigator. Don't do that. ;)


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