Subject Re: TextLabel
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invalid>
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2022 16:09:18 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2022/01/17 13:56, Steven Ellis wrote:
> Mervyn,
> Best I can tell it was a screen refresh issue.  I put a wait clause in and I could see the text labels go disappear after setting to false. The program was looping through the database 10 times (one of my other posts) immediately after the false commands.  btw the local sql vs OOP looping is lightning fast to the tune of less than a second vs a minute and a half).

Your code works for me.  It sets the visible property of each textlabel
true and this is confirmed by your print statements.  You don't report
any errors so, without seeing all your code, I have no idea why it
wouldn't make your textlabels visible.

As Akshat has pointed out, anytime you can use localSQL aggregating
functions to solve a problem it WILL be faster than letting dBASE loop
through a table.

Web-News via the link on the dBASE website gives immediate access to
these news group.  It does, however, become a PITA to use especially if
you post messages in more than one newsgroup.  The newsgroups are also
available as an NNTP feed from and the few minutes effort
needed to set up an NNTP feed will be well spent.  No username or
password is required so basically just use default values and personal

If your email client doesn't support NNTP (Windows Live Mail does, the
newer Windows Mail doesn't) there are plenty of email clients "out
there" that do.  I use Thunderbird but there are others.