Subject Re: order by on different way
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invalid>
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2021 22:02:57 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2021/11/20 14:28, Dirk wrote:

>   Mervyn,
>   i think i mis explained
>   in the meantime i know using the mastersource has a quit different
> approach as masterfields/masterrowset
> i you have look on the text file i am just wondering if to save the link
> the child query (contact)  to the master query ( firam) has been done on
> a proper way
> the annex form is also used on different place in the programm to be
> able adding and modify contacts
> thanks again
> Dirk

I can't run or even open your forms in the designer as I don't have the
necessary tables.  It is, therefore, difficult to get the "big picture".
  I do however, have some concerns.

All the controls in custview.wfm are datalinked to the either the rowset
for vraagbak_contact or vraagbak_Firma in custview.wfm.

For new child records KNOP_AANMAKEN_onClick() adds a blank record to the
rowset for vraagbak_kontakt in the parent form stamcucst.wfm.  Nowhere
is this new record saved explicitly.  If you don't save the record when
the custview form returns control to the stamcust form you are relying
on an implicit save which is made when vraagbak_kontakt is navigated. If
stamcust.wfm is closed without changing the selection in the parent
table the last record added or changed in vraagbak_kontakt will be lost.

The event handlers for the DELETE, ABANDON and SAVE buttons all execute
methods of the vraagbak_contact rowset in custview.wfm.

New child records should be added to vraagbak_contact in custview.wfm.
When control is returned to stamcust.wfm requery() vraagbak_kontakt to
make any changes to the communicate table available in stamcust.wfm.

The function form_onNavigate(nWorkArea) is redundant as you are using
OODML query objects.  This would only be executed if you were using XDML
to open tables in workareas i.e USE tablename