Subject Re: Changing 2019 address
From Ken Mayer, dBase, LLC <>
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2021 12:59:14 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 10/13/2021 10:54 AM, BobcKinney wrote:
> Hi Ken: working with windows desktop, I discovered DUFLP.  Trying to determine the version, in the navigator I cleared
> both the "lookin and alsolookin" and entered the path to DUFLP (C:\C\Users\Bobbie\DUFLP). in order to view the contents.

Following up on the dUFLP:

1) You may not have the most recent version. It's been updated (and
continues to be) ... if you have a lot of folders in the dUFLP folder,
than it may be up to date. (The "About.wfm" form in there is not about
the dUFLP, but meant to be a form for you to copy and modify for your
own applications.)

2) Please check to make sure it's the correct version by opening
"readme.txt". The top of the file should have a statement that says:

Version 2021B

That's the most recent version on my site. If you don't have that, it is
a good idea to download the most recent version. Unzip it, possibly to a
new folder. The location shown above is a bit odd. If you want to just
use that folder, fine, but you should empty it out first, as the new
versions have a complete restructure of the layout of the dUFLP (a LOT
of folders for example code).

3) As noted in previous post, run the setup routine. Make sure the
navigator in dBASE is in the dUFLP folder, then type in the Command Window:

do setup.prg

Once you have installed the dUFLP (see 3 above) try navigating to where
your application is. In the Command Window there, then try this in the
Command Window:

modify form :BMCustom:NameOfCustomForm.cfm

Where "NameOfCustomForm" is the name of one of the custom forms in the
custom folder referenced by BMCustom.

If everything is setup correctly now, the form should open with no
errors. If there are errors, we need to investigate specifics. Provide
the text of the first error and we will go from there. But ONLY after
you have properly installed the dUFLP.


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