Subject Re: Client with Dbase IV what to do
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2021 15:22:37 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


Just a quick note about bugs that don't get fixed... one of the nice things about Object heirarchy is the ability to roll your own objects which can also correct bugs.

For example there is a current issue with the date class that might return incorrect values if the current dBASE dateSetting is not "MDY".  US developers can stop reading here :-)
One method of dealing with this would be to add a custom date class that fixes the problem on the fly.  dDate = new MyDate() instead of Date().
Within MyDate the dateSetting is set to "MDY" before calling the method within the original Date class.... and then reverts to the original dateSetting before returning the answer.
Ok, it's a pain to setup but it only needs to be done once.  You've fixed the bug yourself, instead of having to remember it or risk being tripped up again and again.
This ability, of course, is absent in dBASE IV.  However, your original point is still valid, because you can't fix ALL bugs that way.


> A little backstory - I've been programming in xBase languages since dBase II in 1982 and have written some quite complex systems.  While I own dBase 2019, I have tried and tried and TRIED to get the hang of it.  I have gone through Ken's > tutorials twice from end to end (and they are fantastic!).  I have soooooo many notes that are peppered throughout his tutorial such as "there's a bug in such and such, so you must remember to do this" or "in order to connect to this, you  > must set this one little property that is buried unintuitively 14 levels deep in the properties".  To remember all these little details just to write a simple CRUD application is bad enough, but to convert a very complex system with dozens of
> relational tables would be a nightmare.  Then there are the bugs that have carried through from version to version to version.  I paid 3/4 of the retail price to upgrade thinking naively that no one would release a totally new version without
> cleaning up the old bugs.  Wrong.  There are still (the same) bugs that require workarounds that have existed for multiple generations of the product.  And don't even get me started on their report writer that must have been written by a > TOTALLY different company.  
> Russ