Subject Re: Client with Dbase IV what to do
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2021 15:09:22 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


As Ken says, you can buy dBase for DOS which does work well to run dBASEIV under the most recent Windows OS.
As long as your client no longer wants to change or update the dBASE IV package that might be the way to go...
You can download a free evaluation version to test it.

Also as Ken says the best option is to move to dBASE2019 especially if they want to upgrade the application or perhaps integrate with other software packages running under Windows.  I did a recent port from dBASE IV to dBASE 2019 moving
a 30year old application "as-is" to run under dBASE 2019. That worked well although there are certain bits that you have to rewrite.  However once the client saw what was possible under dBASE 2019 then I was asked to rewrite the package entirely.  If you need more info on this just ask,

Good luck,

> I have a client with a custom Dbase IV billing and tracking program. Not really complicated.
> They are running a windows 7 machine. They need to move to windows 10.
> I need to figure out their options. We need to get them on windows 10 for other programs but not sure how to handle the DBase IV.