Subject Re: unable to create index on .dbf having 30 fields and 100000
From Milind Nighyojkar <>
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2021 22:42:29 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply

Version I used is dBASE 2019 13.20  b2618 (11/26/2019-EN191126)

You advised to use  _app.AllowYieldOnMsg := true

Is it to be specified .ini

Milind Nighojkar

Ken Mayer, dBase, LLC Wrote:

> On 9/1/2021 8:38 PM, Milind Nighojkar wrote:
> > Ken Mayer, dBase, LLC Wrote:
> > Hi Ken,
> >
> > It hangs however ther is no error flashed. i
> > I have attached the screen . It says no response..
> >
> > After restart I can see .ndx created however have a fear if it ciould be courrpted. I am using in the application for some stautory purpose. So felt not to take the risk.
> It sounds like it is just taking a very long time, and you should let it
> go. Unfortunately the BDE doesn't communicate well with dBASE in
> situations like this.
> You don't state what version of dBASE you're using. If you open dBASE
> itself, and in the Command Window, type:
> ? version(1)
> This will provide details about the version, and so on. The reason I
> suggest it, is that if it is Visual dBASE up through dBASE 2019, you
> should be able to do something like:
> _app.AllowYieldOnMsg := true
> Which will allow dBASE to communicate better, and perhaps not look like
> it is "hung" when it is doing something like this. It still won't look
> like anything is happening, but ...
> Wondering if there is a reason you're using the .NDX format for indexes,
> starting with dBASE IV the preferred version of indexes was to use the
> .MDX format, which automatically updates the indexes as you add/edit
> records, and more (and allows multiple indexes in one file, rather than
> having separate .NDX files for each).
> Ken
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