Subject Re: csv field data
From Charlie <>
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2021 10:02:53 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Yes it is a json which I am absolutely not familiar with.  I am still using 11.  

Gaetano D. Wrote:

> On 13/07/2021 22:58, Charlie wrote:
> > I hace a program that Myrvin helped me with a while ago.  Basically all it is doing is taking data that I have replaced into fields in a table and converting the data to a csv file.  That is easy to do igf it is cut and dry data.  But I need to put av array in the postage column.  It is like this:  {"price":["5.00","10.00"],"method":["Standard","Priority"]}
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> > Of course the commas are screwing up the columns.  Is there a way of changing this statement so that the commas will not interfere with the structure of the csv file?
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> > Thanks for any help
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> That structure is a JSON, do you have dBase 2019? I think I have a demo
> code that I may be able to tweak to export this JSON to CSV but won't
> have time to look into it until tomorrow evening.
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> Gaetano.