Subject Re: SQL or Array Rowset ?
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Tue, 6 Apr 2021 19:38:38 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Evening Robbie,

> Quoting program does lots of calcs, then as a side window shows the
> items in the quote vs the latest inventory figures.
> All the quote and inventory data is stored in tables.
> All good....
> Then, a few months later, client comes back to the quote but now the
> inventory "snapshot" is out of date.
> Looking for assistance please with creating an SQL statement where the
> No-On-Hand and balance columns can be "live"
> Have thought of 2 possibilities
> 1) The new array rowset
> 2) An SQL statement where the # on hand and balance could be calculated
> fields.
> Have no experience with either of the above...
> As the program is already doing a bunch of calcs speed is the deciding
> factor.
> Please advise as to which one would be faster and how to get started
> with it.

After going through all your responses I will recommend arrayrowset for
this task.

You take quotation table and insert the values.
You calculate the stock and change the required values.

And then display in a grid.