Subject Re: SPEEDTIP
From Gaetano <>
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2021 07:56:29 +1000
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 11/01/2021 10:31, IVAN B Benttini wrote:
> IS THERE A WAY to make a speedTip last  longer for my HANDCOPIES users to read it before they continue?
> Thanks.

I don't believe there is a parameter to make the speedtip stay visible
for longer than the standard time.

Perhaps consider using the statusmessage.  The message will be in the
status bar for as long as the component has focus and takes a decent
amount of text.

The below onMouseOver function will set the statusmessage to the same
contents as the speedtip for the control and set focus to the component
without clicking it (good for pushbuttons as you probably don't want to
push them just to see the statusmessage). No need to duplicate the
speedtip in the statusmessage property. This will cause the status
message to appear and stay in the status bar for as long as another
component doesn't get focus, or for as long as the mouse doesn't move
over another component that has the same event defined.

function PUSHBUTTON1_onMouseOver(flags, col, row)

Alternatively, use a Help form (:dUFLP:message.wfm) to display a more
lengthy message with some formatting to make it easier to read and that
users may want/need to write down some details from. You could attach
the form to a rightMouseDown event.