Subject Re: Whatsapp API
From Lee Grant <>
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2020 11:10:52 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Akshat, Russ,

This looks more promising, Akshat...after checking out the site...since
you're already familiar with the network stuff, this code looks
familiar, and if Russ is right, might be the better option for your
testing purposes.

Here's a link:


On 11/24/2020 6:45 AM, Russ Fisher wrote:
> Hello Akshat,
> During our first covid shutdown from March to June, I spent my time making face shields on my 3d printer to give to local first responders.  I came across an extension for the software that controls my printer that uses Twilio to send SMS messages (they also have a Whatsapp API).
> At that time, you could sign up for a trial account that gave you something like a $15 USD credit for evaluation purposes.  Each message cost a small fraction of a cent to send.  I printed hundreds of pieces, each of which sent me a text to let me know when it was finished, and I still haven't paid a thing.  You may want to check out Twilio.
> Russ