Subject Re: Whatsapp API
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2020 19:05:00 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started
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On 23.11.2020 01:36, Ronnie MacGregor wrote:
> In article <SAh7PIPwWHA.3264@ip-AC1E04A7>,
> says...
>> Has anyone used whatsapp API with dBase.
> This could be interesting . . . . . .

Good Evening Ronnie,
Did some google and followup on links obtained.

They charge you for the messages sent. But how much I was unable to locate.

Filled in an inquiry form. Got a reply with a list of service providers.

Clicked on contact hyperlink of one of them and got the attached screenshot

I deactivated my f???book account a few years ago.

If I have to pay even for testing and then monthly billing with
undisclosed rate list,

I am out of this.

I will try it out a little more before quitting.