Subject Re: report designer
From Alex Safian <>
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2020 13:54:14 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

One possibility is a problem with the dbase INI file. Go to C:\Users\(fill in your data)\AppData\Local\dBASE\fill in your version like dBASE11 and look in the bin folder for plus.ini. You can make a backup copy and then delete it. When dBase starts it will create a new plus.ini, but you will lose info like MRU files and some non-critical setup info.

Another option is to modify the ini file. Again make a backup then open the ini file in a text editor like notepad or notepad++. Look for the ReportDesigner section and see if the position entry is crazy with a very large negative number for example. If so change to a more reasonable number like 500.

You can also try changing the other values, for example ShowGrid and SnapTo, to 0. Open Report Designer and change the values back to what you want. That will update the ini file.  

Akshat Kapoor Wrote:

> On 07.11.2020 22:11, Willem Carp wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Every other time I open the report designer in dBase 2019, dBase crashes. What could be the problem?
> > Regards, Willem Carp
> >
> Good Evening Willem,
> What do you mean by "Every other time".
> I would suggest a simple test.
> Close dBase
> Open dBase and open a report in designer.
> Move a control by 1 metric and revert it back to its original position
> (Move in any direction and then move back so that a change is registered)
> Press ctrl+w to close the report.
> Try opening the report again.
> If dbase crashes okay if not then repeat modify / ctrl+w / open the
> report again.
> You may have to repeat a few times to establish a pattern (Preferably do
> not make any change that you may forget reversing)
> If you have a pattern then move on to next step
> Restart dbase
> modify report / close report by clicking on red cross.
> Repeat above steps.
> Hopefully dbase will not crash now.
> This has solved issues for others.
> Regards
> Akshat