Subject Re: separator for CSV file to be imported into dBase
From Buză Vasile <>
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2020 11:18:58 +0300
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Jean,

In attachment is a test program for your file.
let me know  if it is helps


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Mervyn Bick Wrote:

> On 2020/09/23 15:54, Jean R. from Paris wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I have some large CSV files to get imported into dBase.
> > the fields separators being ";" dBase does not like that
> > Since I cannot change the fields separators. How could i go around the
> > limitation and find a way to import the CSV file into dBase
> Importdata.wfm in the dUFLP can handle files where a separator other
> than a comma has been used.  This basically requires a fair bit of input
> from the user so it is OK for an occasional file but it becomes a
> nuisance if you have many files to deal with.
> The alternative is, as Akshat has said, to write code to do this your
> self.
> If you give more details we may be able to help.
> What version of dBASE are you using?
> Are character fields in the .csv file delimited with single or double
> quotes.  (The only need to be delimited if commas are included in the
> text but many programs add delimiters even if they are not needed.)
> If there are dates in the .csv file which will be imported into date
> fields in the dBASE table what format are they in?
> Mervyn.

Thank you Mervyn

I am using the latest dBase 2019-1

At this moment dates are not a concern because I am mostly dealing with
names and numerical values which can be kg or parices with "," as a

fields are separated by the ";" only without double quotes which I use here
for the sake Clarity only.

as an example one line of the CSV file can be as follows:

the end of the line will be "CR LF" standing for carriage return - line feed

another line can look like :

the end of the line will be "CR LF" Standing for carriage return - line feed

This file can be thousands of lines

Other similar files to be processed can be 500 or more successive fields
which DBIMPORT cannot handle either.

Thank you for your thoughts

Jean R. from Paris