Subject Re: Menu problem still plus others
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Fri, 7 Aug 2020 16:09:44 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 07.08.2020 12:03, Tony Hughes wrote:
> Sorry all trying to help, but I was trying yo keep things compacted. I will know better next time.
> What I can not understand is.
> I executed my "Batch" program / file / code at least 30 times and they all executed as expected, I think perfect is too strong a term, but you get the picture.
> I did this to test the "Mathematics" of the coding to check for errors. It printed, deleted the "Batch.Dbf" as wanted with "Empty Table" and all was good.
> Then on the say ?? 31 attempt it came up with "Batch.dbf" does not exist ?? If that is not some type of "Bug" well then I have no idea at all. I will be happy to share the code with the world if anyone can assist. My apologies Akshat, entirely accidental on my part. Harping on, the same happened with the menu forms. No change by me and then they do not execute any more" Maybe I should download a fresh copy pf dBase - I am using Windows 10 Pro combined with the latest version of dBase 12.1

Good Afternoon Tony,
The latest version of dBase is 2019.1
In case of version 12 the last was 12.3
If you have it then it is okay otherwise I can upload it to dropbox and
send you the link

A program is executing 30 times with out any error then there is no
error with the program.

Some other form or command being run in between is executing a change of
directory or database.
Whenever this error occurs just suspend the execution. Normally suspend
is one of the options in error pop up.

In the command window execute
Check to see if this is the directory you are expecting.

Another question
Does this error go away with restart of dBase.

As for me no need to say sorry.
It is a honor helping someone of your age.

And hope to be as fit and fine as you are when I reach your age.