Subject Re: Form Menus
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2020 12:39:30 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 28.07.2020 06:56, Tony Hughes wrote:
> Hi Akshat, Mervyn,
> Thanks again for help - As I said before I have two different programs being done.
> In one - Called AllproTest I have a form menu that I included in my last call for help - this operates Ok with just - Do ?????.wfm - It seems in MBCdetail another program that I am doing whatever I try - Do ????.wfm  will NOT operate and I am at a loss to know why - I have tried  form.Close() before and after the Do ????.wfm to no avail in MBCdetail, but it does operate in AllproTest -
>   Thanks Mervyn for the tip on saving the spinboxes I just forgot that ?
>    function PUSHBUTTON1_onClick()
>    do Displaymbc.wfm
>    return

Good Afternoon Tony,
I would recommend posting in the same thread so that we can see the past
trail of posts.

function PUSHBUTTON1_onClick()
do Displaymbc.wfm

If you have doubts that the above pushbutton is not working then the
simplest way to check is change it to

function PUSHBUTTON1_onClick()
msgbox("Going to execute")
do Displaymbc.wfm
msgbox("Execution complete")

And in displaymbc.wfm
add the following as the very first line even above the ** do not delete
msgbox('In displaymbc.wfm')

It will cause popup of multiple msgbox but will indicate flow of execution.

If all three pop up then there is error in displaymbc.wfm