Subject Re: Problem with Project .EXE file
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2020 08:05:17 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Evening Ketan,
I would request that you go through the tutorial at Ken's site or invest in his books.
You will find all the answers in his books.

> This is a query about the .EXE file created by "building" a project file.
> The project is based on just a single xbase program but additional
> items are as follows (with options specified while building)

For the executable to run on the computer you will be needing runtime on the destination computer. Runtimes are free to download and distribute. You will have to install runtime and then run the exe for proper response.

If you want to build a installer that installs runtime and your exe in specified directory that is a different approach.

> 1) abc.prg - specified as main program
> 2) lib.prg - library, to be included in executable
> Three tables
> 3) xinput/xlookup/xoutput.dbf - all local dbase tables
> these are not included in the project file but they are located in a
> specific directory which is hard coded in abc.prg
> (not the best approach but the program is just
> a small utility which will reside on 3/4 computers).

Are the tables being shared. You will have to plan for that and make changes in settings in BDE if they are to be shared.
> 4) plusr_en.dll - not embedded in .exe file but copied
> to the same directory where abc.exe is located
> (when this was embedded, got a message saying the
> "dll could not be found" hence switched to this option)

The details are there in Ken's books and should be there in the tutorial also

> other options
> 5) No UAC
> 6) Standard INI file
> 7) BDE off (tried setting this on with no difference in result)

With BDE off how will you access the tables?.
There are other options like ODBC also if you want to avoid BDE but you will have to make changes in prg for that.
> 8) All other options as default.

> the project compiles with no errors, abc.exe gets built.
> the first step of the program asks the user to select a
> directory with getdirectory(), the .exe file runs upto
> and including this part and then just nothing.
> However, the program runs with no problem as a
> .prg file within dbase (at the command window  with "do abc")
> Any ideas/suggestions on why this is happening?
> am using dbase 11.

You have not included and wfm files. When you execute an prg in ide the results are displayed in the results pane but when you execute exe there is no command window / results pane.

Hence there is no place where dbase can display the results.