Subject Re: Wait Window Nowait
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2020 06:35:12 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started
Attachment(s) Progress.prg


The quick answer is "No".

On the other hand, your approach from FoxPro could only be used if the file is in natural order.
If an index is in play it will be skipping about all over the place (unless foxpro used an internal count for that command).

Be careful with some of the old XML commands under dBASE2019 as some of them, like WAIT, only work if the command window
is open; otherwise it gets whizzed past without halting program execution.  The command window is only intended for developer
use; not for normal users, and certainly not in a distributed exe file.

You can, however, easily build your own function within dBASE.
The attached file will create a small table and a popup form which is all you need to see the calls shown below working:
I have also deliberately used XML style commands to provide a familiar style.

// Do the table scan
use tempData
   sleep(0.1)     && will take 10 seconds to complete (we have 100 records)

Hope that helps,

> My original post could also be made more clear with an example.
> Am working on a simple xbase program where I am looping through a file.
> The Wait Window Nowait command (the way it was in Foxpro) is just to display (and update) the current recno() so that the user knows that something is happening.
> eg.
> do while not eof()
>   wait \'Record Number: \' + ltrim(str(recno())) window nowait
>   main stuff...
>   skip
> enddo
> clear window
> In short, a quick and ready way to get what is needed.
> No doubt the Progress Bar component has all this and more,
> but is there something similar to this in dBase/duFLP?
> Ketan