Subject Re: Usng Thuderbird
From Heinz Kesting <>
Date Mon, 1 Jun 2020 15:34:37 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Joe,

> Reading messages with thunderbird is the most cumbersome thing I've tried to do.
But WHY? It is dead easy.
> You choose a message, Double Click on it and the message opens in a 2nd tab covering the message list.

You choose a message with just ONE click, and it displays in the message
pane. If I remember correctly, this classical layout has been the
default setting after installation.

> The only way to read the next message is to close the 2nd tab with the X and double click on the next message.
> I've found no place anywhere to go to another message withoug double click, read a message, close the 2nd tab, double click a message.
> I have searched the Mozilla website, the help file and googled the web and I can't find instructions on how to set up and use the software.
I guess for instructions how to use Thunderbirds Mervyn and Akshat have
provided sufficient info. Although I never tried any other software as a
newsreader, I am more than happy with it. I use it for eMail and
newsgroups, like most other users around here and it simply does
everything I want it to do in an almost noiseless, smooth way.
I could provide a similar screenshot Mervyn has already posted ...

> This is the problem I had in 2017 when I tried to use Thunderbird.
> If I want to either answer or enter a new message, I have to write the message in notepad on my computer,
> access the newsgroup through the, and manually copy and paste my message in the newsgroup.
If you can not make friends with Thunderbird, and you use the newsgroups
via, then why on earth do you compose your
messages/replies in Notepad? Why not write directly from the provided
editor there - I can't see the point for this detour with Notepad? At
the end of the day you'd have to come back to the dbase news site to
post it there, repeating your name and email adress everytime etc ...

Anyway, if you've managed Thunderbird to connect to the dbase server and
you have chosen your favourite groups (for a start the PROGRAMMING,
GETTING-STARTED and HOW-TO groups should be fine), then the heavy
lifting IS DONE!
For further issues with Thunderbird, try sending a screenshot that shows
your problem, and you'll certainly get a solution within a short time
from here!

Kind regards, Heinz