Subject Re: Usng Thuderbird
From Richard <>
Date Sun, 31 May 2020 19:01:06 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

I've been using Agent for many years -

On Sun, 31 May 2020 17:58:28 -0400, Joe LeBlanc <>

>On 5/31/20 5:14 p.m., Joe LeBlanc wrote:
>> A while back, I asked about what newsgroup reader was being used to access the dBASE newsgroup.
>> There was an almost unanimous recommendatio for Thunderbird.
>> I mentioned at that time that in 2017,  I had tried to use it and I found it unusable.
>> I've tried again and I still can't upload my messages to the this newsgroup.
>> Reading messages with thunderbird is the most cumbersome thing I've tried to do.
>> You choose a message, Double Click on it and the message opens in a 2nd tab covering the message list.
>> The only way to read the next message is to close the 2nd tab with the X and double click on the next message.
>> I've found no place anywhere to go to another message withoug double click, read a message, close the 2nd tab, double click a message.
>> I have searched the Mozilla website, the help file and googled the web and I can't find instructions on how to set up and use the software.
>> This is the problem I had in 2017 when I tried to use Thunderbird.
>> If I want to either answer or enter a new message, I have to write the message in notepad on my computer,
>> access the newsgroup through the, and manually copy and paste my message in the newsgroup.
>> I either need to find detail instructions on setting up Thunderbird that even an imbasile can follow or find another program to use.
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