Subject Re: lookupsql and Combobox ; where is the missing link
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Sat, 30 May 2020 16:31:09 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Good Afternoon Dirk,
I have seen your tables and your form.
Your form is a lengthy one so I did not try to understand it.

I am just trying to suggest alternatives. (These are in addition to what
Mervyn has said)

If you want a editable rowset There is an option of using mastersource.
You will have to replace combobox with a grid for the country selection.

The moment you change the selection in country grid the other rowset
filters will automatically get changed and they will be requeried.

So your main grid will display enteries of that particular country only.

If the rowset required is readonly then you can use joins

select stammdat2.*, from stammdat2 inner JOIN country ON
country.landcode = and = "Belgie"

You can alter the above query to use parameters as hardcoding for a
country will not be practical.

If you want editing of this rowset then you will have to opt in for
Mervyn's suggestion.