Subject Re: problems running dbase IV 2.0 on windows 10
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Fri, 29 May 2020 16:02:28 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 5/29/2020 6:06 AM, Howard Markman wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my 1st time so I hope I am posting this correctly.
> For years, I have been running dBase IV ver 2.0 starting with Windows 95 now all the way up to Windows 10.  I had a peer-to-peer network "Workgroup" under Windows and was able to add a Western Digital network drive, which I mapped as "X"  The WD drive was about 10 years old, so I just replaced it with a Synology NAS.
> Dbase was installed on each computer in the "C" drive.  All the databases, programs, reports, etc. were in the folder X:\Wallace.  I used a shortcut on everyone's Desktop  "command" object (if that is the correct term).
> The command line was C:\Dbase\dbase.exe  X:\Wallace\wallace.prg with the "Working" field set to X:\Wallace.
> This worked relatively well for years until Microsoft deleted "Dos" from Windows 10 64 bit.   I treid dBdos but could not get the drives to map properly, so I ended up using Oracles Virtual Box v. 6.1 to run a Virtual Windows 7 Professional machine.  I installed Dbase inside the Virutal Machine on the C: drive and mapped the "X" drive into it.
> The problem is it is not stable.  The computers are all new refurbished HP amd Dell with Intel i5 chips and 16 gig of memory.  When it runs, it is really fast.  But too many times, it can take 2-3 minuntes to load or simply locks up.
> I never "offically" configured dBase as a "network" configuration but it never seemed to be a problem.  It just would make you hit the "space bar" anytime you wanted to edit a record.  At the most, 3 people could be using dBase at the same time, although they are usually doing different things.
> Any help or suggestions would be great.  I don't know how this platform works but my cell is 609-350-3800  and my email is

To add to Andy's comment, dBASE (the company) also has a software
package that will run most dBASE/DOS apps on Windows ... I'm drawing a
complete blank on the name of it as I don't use it, but it apparently
works well. It's worth considering as at least a stop-gap. Despite
Andy's comments, the program code may run, but the screens and reports
won't in dBASE 2019, and would require some extensive work to migrate them.


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