Subject Re: TYPING
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Thu, 21 May 2020 08:18:31 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 5/21/2020 7:52 AM, CORNELIUS wrote:
> Hi there. I just want to know if one can have a person type a document of +/- 20 pages on debase 12 and print it out. I sat hole day with no luck. This is a contract that he needs with insurance and must be able to change it from person to person. This will link to my normal HP program. Thanks and stay strong with covid 19

I am not sure a) why you would be doing that in dBASE, and b) why it
wouldn't work.

Suggestion, break it into clauses. Then he can change clauses as needed.
(For example, in one contract he may need clause 1a, but in another he
might need clause 1b, he could pick and choose which clauses to use.) He
can put placeholder text ( [Firstname] for example ) into the actual
text and do replaces with the various string methods and/or functions in
dBASE. I did something similar many years ago when I was working in
dBASE IV, only my app was interfacing with WordPerfect (which was a real
task those days).

You might also want to see if you can work with the API to interface
with Word ...


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