Subject Re: DBASE 2019
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invalid>
Date Tue, 19 May 2020 15:32:52 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 19/05/2020 00:15, Khalid Al Awadhi wrote:

> Thank you very much Akshat
> When I focus on an entry field in the design mode and thin I go to Properties datalink it says “ at least one active query must be active “
> Also I am not able to run the form  it always remains in design mode
> I just need a small push
> Thanks

An entryfield is a visual object on a form which can be used for a user
to enter some data.  Once the user has typed in a value (which can be
numeric, character, date or time) that value is available in the
entryfield's value property.  The programmer can then decide how to deal
with that value.

A programmer can also place a value in the entryfield's value property
which the user can then see.

An entryfield can, however, also be used to display data from a field in
a table.  This is done by saving a reference to the required field in
the entryfield's datalink property.  As the user steps through the
records in the table the value saved in each record is displayed

Once an entryfield has been datalinked to a field in a table changes
made in the entryfield can be saved directly to the table.

To be able to link an entryfield to a field in a table the field must be
available so that the designer has something to work with.

You will use a query object to access a table.  The query object will,
in turn, create a rowset object which contains records from the table.
Each record contains field objects which in turn hold a value for each

You can have many queries on a form but until you have at least one
active query on the form the form designer won't find any fields to link
to your entryfield.  If the designer finds fields it will let you choose
which field you want to data link to the entryfield.  If it can't find
fields it will give you an error message.

You will always be able to get help here in the newsgroups but the help
is given on a voluntary basis.  None of us has the time to give
one-on-one lessons on how to use dBASE starting from scratch.  That is
why the tutorial exists. If you have a problem understanding anything in
the tutorial there is a separate tutorial newsgroup.

A lot of effort by Ken Mayer and Michael Nuwer went into creating the
tutorial but it can't cover everything that dBASE can do.  It will,
however, give you a good basis to work from.  Once you have completed
the tutorial and you start working on your own programs then these
newsgroups will help you.