Subject Re: dbsewin.ini
From Alex Safian <>
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2020 18:55:16 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Stef:

For the time being I have to support old VdB 5.7 code and the latest too, and I haven't had that many problems creating a virtual machine under Win 10 Pro. As I recall you have to turn on Virtualization in the BIOS first. I use VirtualBox from Oracle, which is free. If you have an old Win XP disk it's easy to install it, but you should then do the upgrade so SP3 (be careful where you get it) and also upgrade IE 6 to IE 8. On most of the machines where I've done this the online activation worked, like on my current laptop in January. But the last time I tried it a few weeks ago, it failed repeatedly. Calling the MS activation number still works, so XP got activated that way.

VdB installs fine, but there are a few problems, like with the expression builder crashing. Best not to try to build expressions with it, just create the code in Notepad and then quickly open the expression builder, paste in your code, save and close. This usually works.

Overall everything works pretty well, without too many problems.

All that being said, if you don't have to use the old code, it's much better to make the switch to the latest and greatest.


stef Ringgenberg Wrote:

> I finally gave up running virtualxp modes. Too hard in Windows 10. So now I must finally migrate from Visualdb 5.7 to dBase 2019.  I may be too old and tired to pull this off.
> My first problem is how do I replace the old dbasewin.ini from 5.7 in dBase 2019?