Subject Re: dbsewin.ini
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2020 05:36:25 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


Firstly, don't give up. If you persevere you will get a "light-bulb" moment when suddenly the new object models make sense and you wonder why you stayed with the old stuff. Been there... and I love the new way.

Secondly, the ini file has been renamed from dbasewin.ini to plus.ini
You can find this file under windows 10 in the following folder: C:\Users\InsertYourNameHere\AppData\Local\dBASE\dBASE2019\Bin
Note that AppData is a "hidden" folder by default so you may well need to adjust the File Explorer settings in order to see it.

Finally, if you build a dbase application "exe" then the exe will generate an ini file of it's own in the folder that contains the exe.

Good luck,

> I finally gave up running virtualxp modes. Too hard in Windows 10. So now I must finally migrate from Visualdb 5.7 to dBase 2019.  I may be too old and tired to pull this off.
> My first problem is how do I replace the old dbasewin.ini from 5.7 in dBase 2019?