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Date Tue, 12 Nov 2019 14:18:28 -0500
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Not sure if this is any help to you.
Basically you can both zoom and move the image around the form.
Slider on right side to control the zoom.
Mouse down to move the image around.
Left double click zooms the image by 20 pixels
Right double click reverses the zoom by 20 pixels.
What I didn't do was re-center the image in the form as you zoom in or out.
I imagine what could be easily done.
None of it is done with a callback so it will also work on PLUS 2.80

"Mustansir Ghor"  wrote in message news:9QLrlxSmVHA.1880@ip-AC1E04A7...

Thank you Ken sir and Marc.

Zoomit has an additional feature of moving the zoomed object as well.


Marc VdB Wrote:

> Hi Mustansir,
> > I am using image object in my application where it requires zooming. > I
> > can zoom image by increasing height and width property of image
> object. But I wonder if there is way to zoom where the image size on the
> form remains same and particular portion of image is zoomed.
> I see, that Ken gave you a possible solution already :-)
> Attached is another approach to fullfill your task. By coincidence,
> Graham Monk asked in the "how-to" group about a moveable and sizeable
> object, so a good part comes from there (especially as Rich showed how
> to use it with images...)
> The minimum version of dbase for this is version 8 (callback) and a
> restriction is, that your form has to use metric = 6 (pixel)
> You can use the mousewheel to zoom in and out of the picture (or call
> the zoom metof with true or false) and by clicking on it, you can move
> the image around. The size and position is automatically restricted to
> the initial values...
> HTH and is another possible starting point for ideas.
> KR,
> Marc