Subject Re: Printing to HP Envy printer
From Richard <>
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2019 13:32:58 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Perhaps he is connecting to his printer via the cloud?
The HP Envy 5000 supports that option.

On Sat, 9 Nov 2019 10:36:39 +0200, Mervyn Bick
<invalid@invalid.invald> wrote:

>On 2019-11-08 1:51 PM, Allan Bennett wrote:
>> Thanks Alex.  I've just used the Wizard to create a very basic report, but it still takes over 4 minutes to print an A4 sheet.
>I would be most unhappy if it took longer than about 10s to print an A4
>page no matter how much text was on the page. :-(
>How long does it take to print a page from a word processor or
>spreadsheet application?
>The 'HP ePrint + JetAdvantage' option in your printer selection form
>allows you to send print jobs from any computer or smartphone using the
>printer's WiFi connection.  If the printer is connected to the computer
>by a cable then the 'HP Envy 5000 series PCL-3' option is the correct